For the safety of the children and parents in the classes, due to the coronavirus crisis, we have suspended all Karate classes until further notice.  I'll keep this page updated about when the classes will restart (19th March). 


Strode Swimming Pool Fridays 4-4.55pm

Tor Leisure Centre Tuesdays 5-5.55pm 

Benefits for kids include:

  • Self Defence Skills

  • Confidence

  • Discipline

  • Anti-Bullying Skills

  • Fitness

  • Politeness

  • Balance

  • Fine Motor Skills

  • Concentration

The origins of Karate go back into the mists of time. But at it’s heart  Karate is a union of Kung Fu from China, and  Bushido from Japan. This makes Karate a formidable martial art.
Over countless generations, each master has added to it’s wisdom and knowledge.  It is an all round martial art consisting of:

  • Kicks and Punches,

  • Elbows and Knees

  • Throws and Takedowns

  • Holds and Submissions

  • Defence against street weapons such as knives

  • Defence against the techniques of other styles

  • Strikes- such as Karate chops and claw hand

  • Wrist locks and arms locks

  • Pressure points

  • Breaking wood to demonstrate effectiveness

  • Traditional Karate weapons such the sword, staff and nunchuku

  • And much more

But the ancient masters knew that copying moves and simply ‘kicking a kick bag’ isn’t enough. There are other more advanced aspects of martial training which Karate teaches. Such as

  • Timing and rhythm

  • Mental Focus

  • Footwork and Rooting

  • Discipline and politeness

But when Karate was made part of the Japanese school curriculum in the 1920’s it was not only because of the excellent self defence skills that Karate offered, but because the Japanese realised that Karate kids were healthier, had better physiques, and better balance and coordination. They noticed how the discipline within Karate helped children gain better concentration and develop within the children better self images. In my 30 years experience of teaching children Karate I have seen for myself the benefits children gain, how shy children gain confidence and come out of their shells, while hyperactive children learn how to concentrate and calm down. As children’s minds are still forming they have the naturalness of Karate which adults find impossible. Like a fine wine children’s natural abilities need to be enhanced and matured slowly. Otherwise, like a fine wine itself, disaster is likely to happen.
Mind-Body connection is the modern buzzword to help make happy healthy kids. Research shows that exercises and activities which help kids focus their minds help them concentrate, improves their school grades, reduce kids stress and anxiety, help them sleep, balances the metabolism and even strengthens their immune system.  While Yoga and Pilates are recommended  for  improving mind-body connection, so is Karate. For many kids Karate is far more appealing. The simple act of kicking a kick bag, or punching a focus pad naturally helps kids focus, and so develop the mind-body connection so highly prized by these researchers. Actually, following it’s Buddhist heritage, mind-body connection is built into the very essence of Karate. Every Karate technique brings together the mind,  body, and breath, so creating the ‘one pointed mind’.  In this way Karate naturally helps kids concentrate and be fully present in the moment.

Being a traditional martial art, we use a Black Belt grading syllabus, which takes children from white to their prestigious black belt, and then beyond. Unlike many modern martial arts which have created their own personal grading systems, such as different coloured t shirts etc, a Black Belt is  recognised  the world over. A black belt doesn’t only show a very high level of self defence skills, which could one day save their life, but is also a very impressive part of a child’s achievement folder. We don't believe in large class sizes. The maximum we have in any class is 15, and the average size is between 8 to 12. To start with, for Junior school kids, training once a week is all that is needed.   It is only later, when the children progress to our Secondary School classes, that they need to train more to get their Black Belts.
The price of lessons is simple £5/lesson PAYG which you can either pay in cash or via Paypal.  Alternatively children can pay monthly for lessons This only costs £19 per month (and £29 per month for two children training). This is done by standing order which you can cancel at any time. This charge takes into account school holidays (but not August) so there is no complicated sums to work out. If children miss a lesson they can turn up to a different lesson as a catch up class.   With their first payment children get a FREE Karate suit worth £19.95.  

To find out more please either phone  me on 07811 185 944 (text is best), or email

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