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. If you are you involved in a which you think would like to hold a Tai Chi course, demonstration, or seminar, then please email Clive on


Groups include:


Health Groups: Tai Chi is renowned for it’s physical and mental health benefits. Clive introduces your group to Tai Chi, and teaches them some easy Tai Chi moves which are perfect to promote your groups physical and mental health. In the past Clive has taught Tai Chi in community groups, NHS, sports groups, and in Residential Homes.


Tai Chi Groups: Clive learned Tai Chi under some of the greatest Tai Chi masters of his generation. He is the author of both the book Tai Chi the Spiritual Way, and the DVD Tai Chi the Martial Way. This is therefore your opportunity to  invite Clive


Spiritual: Tai Chi is spiritual, not religious, and this makes it ideal for all spiritual groups using/focusing on meditation, subtle energy, and spiritual development. Groups include church groups, spiritual healing groups, yoga and pilates groups, meditation groups, to name only a few.


Martial Art Schools: On a martial art level, Tai Chi is a advanced form of Kung Fu,  and is renowned for it’s understanding and use of ‘chi’. This is an opportunity of introducing your group to Tai Chi, and in the past Clive has taught in clubs ranging from Karate and Kick Boxing to Aikido and MMA.


Children: Yes! kids can do Tai Chi. Tai Chi improves kids mindfulness, concentration, and imagination, and at the same time really enjoy it. Clive has taught kids from Reception to Year 11 in both local primary and secondary Schools, kids martial art clubs and one of the top public schools in England.


Tai Chi demo outrside Glastonbury Abbey

Visiting different groups helps Clive promote Tai Chi, and therefore Clive often only askes for his expenses to be paid. To invite Clive simply email him at